Step Up Washington team is back!

“The five of us returned from three crazy weeks in Washington, D.C just over a month ago now with some incredible memories, lessons, and friends. We spent Independence Day in the city and watched the fireworks go off over the National Mall, we took silly photos in front of the Washington Monument, saw snakes and toads outside our rooms and adopted 35 new brothers and sisters from all over the globe. During those three weeks we planned activities that made us think and we challenged each other to look at ideas in new ways. Exploring human rights with the insight of people our age of different nationalities, religions and backgrounds was the most rewarding, eye-opening experience I’ve had, and will stay with me forever I’m sure. The friends, memories and new perspectives we have all taken away from our time in the USA are something not one of us will ever forget!”
– Team Step Up Washington

Published by CISV NZ

CISV educates and inspires action for more just and peaceful world.

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