Minicamp – June 2017

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June’s camp was located at Hunua and focused on activities to develop an understanding of Human Rights, which is the CISV Content Area of 2017.
We started us off with Energisers (small actions to wake us up and to get us working enthusiastically together as a united group). Afterwards, we went into some ‘getting to know you’ games, and then we moved onto the designing of our placemats. Every minicamp, we make placemats with our names and interesting things about us (such as our name and our favourite super power). These are then randomly placed around the tables at meal times to get people sitting next to new people and generate conversation.


Then it was 9 pm – supper, flag and lullabies were in order. Everyone managed to calm down with the songs, and we were ready for bed. After the littlies had gone to bed, some of the Junior Branch (14+ yrs) participants continued working hard at planning activities for their group the next day. This planning practice is part of camp for them, helpful in their development as CISVers and for organising their activities at home or school.


The Saturday morning was cold and misty but this burnt off and we were ready to go! Breakfast was Toast & Cereal, and after washing our dishes, we were off to our first activity. We started the morning with some running games to get warmed up and energised! The first game was “get to know you fruit salad”. This was a fun way to learn more about each other, and wake our brains up!
Next, we played “newspaper hockey”; we were split into two teams; one team was numbered off, the other was given a letter of the alphabet each; then a letter and number were called out, and it was a one-on-one hockey game!
After hockey, we played a few more running games. The ladder game, where it was a race against the person opposite you back to your spot, was heaps of fun, especially when we had to do it side stepping with pincers like a crab!
Goblin and fairy bump tag was also a fun and silly way to burn up some energy before morning tea.

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An Unexpected Adventure

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As it was my first time enjoying a CISV minicamp naturally, I was shy. I didn’t expect to fit in straight away, as some of the kids have been lifelong members of CISV. How wrong I was. I was not left out in a single activity and had loads of fun.

At the camps and mini-camps, there are many songs and dances such as kitos, flag and others. In fact flag (a song) is sung by every single camp and minicamp all over the world from Chile to Australia.

One of the many unique things about CISV is that the adults aren’t even in charge half the time! A team of 14-year-olds and over (known as the JB’s), come up with cool activities like wacky energizers and mind boggling decoding.

But don’t go thinking the adults didn’t do much, in fact without the kitchen team slaving over a hot oven, no food would be served, and without our wonderful team leaders, the whole camp would just not connect.

The June CISV minicamp was an exciting adventure I’m glad I went on, and I hope I can enjoy many more adventures with the leaders, the cooks and fellow kids.

– Kalo Wood

My CISV JC experience

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Noah 1

From December 2015 to January 2016, I was a JC at Intiland Village in Lima, Peru. This was the first village in Peru’s CISV history. After a total of 16 hours travelling –by myself for the first time- I arrived in Lima. My homestay showed me around the city as we went to a famous beach in Lima. He gave me a tasting of the culture with the food and also he took me to a fruit market. The homestay was an experience I will never forget as I felt like I got to experience the city as we went everywhere that was interesting and experienced another culture.

Before the children arrived at the camp, I went to the campsite to meet all the leaders, staff and other JC’s and we got to know about each other. From here we set goals that were agreeable by all the leader’s and set the standard for the camp.

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Minicamp – June 2015

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Minicamp June 2015 (9)

Minicamp started off as always with excitement, name and getting to know you games. We had so many kids this time it was important to play a lot of name games so that everybody could remember each others names. Then we designed our own placemats based on a range of questions like: what kind of super hero do you want to be? and what do you want to be when you are older? These placemats will then be used during meal times for the rest of camp. This enables us to sit with new people and have fun questions to ask about each others placemats. After a quick snack and drink its time for bed. Everybody gets into their PJs and we sing a mixture of Oasis and Taylor Swift songs together CISV lullabies style. Then comes bedtime. We are all still very excited but need our rest for the action packed next day.

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Mexican Cultural Night

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Once every couple of months, between our local minicamps, the Auckland Junior Branch (JB) gets together and hosts a night of cultural food and games. These are planned by the JB Committee, led by our events coordinator Ellie, and always deliver great laughs and a perfect opportunity to catch up with one another.
Saturday night was spent with members of our Junior Branch catching up over a meal. Our nachos dinner was delicious and a true team effort. Churros rolled in cinnamon and sugar before being dipped in dark chocolate was a special ending to a fun night. It was so nice to see some of our favourite faces and catch up on each other’s busy lives.
The next JB Event is set for the weeks following our June minicamp, and will (hopefully) be a lesson in authentic Indian cuisine followed by dancing! We hope to see you there!

Minicamp – February 2015

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We started off on Friday night with some name and getting- to- know you games, and then moved into making our place-mats for the next day. At each minicamp we arrange the tables for meals by spreading out named place-mats, so that at each meal we have an opportunity to speak to different people, and interact with the JB’s, kids, and leaders.
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Leïgo Village in Costa Rica

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After four amazing weeks in Costa Rica at a CISV Village, they are back. Mums and dads welcome them home! Check out the video below to see their awesome camp.

My CISV Summer Village Camp Experience – by Francois Murrell

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When I first heard that I was going to a CISV Summer Village camp, I was so excited. This would be my first trip in a plane. It was really cool when we received the first pre-camp email with pictures of where I was going  to stay, lots of information about camp, and the countries that would be there.

A CISV Summer Village camp is a month-long camp for 11 year olds. 12 countries are invited to each camp, and bring a delegation of two boys and two girls, and their leader, usually a young adult from their local CISV chapter. My delegation consisted of myself, Kayla Nash, Oli MacCallum, Acasia O’Connell, and our leader Sophie Presland, a university student. We met up about five times before our departure to get to know each other and prepare our NZ presentation.

On the day I was leaving, I woke feeling nervous but excited at the same time. I left school early and had a rest because my flight was leaving close to midnight. At the airport I met up with my delegation, said goodbye to our families and hopped on the plane. The trip was about 30 hours long, stopping in Shanghai and Zurich. I watched the LEGO MOVIE eight times. The first time flushing a plane toilet gave me a fright!

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