Minicamp – February 2018

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Friday night launched off in the activity hall at 8 pm with games to get us familiar with each other’s names, and getting to know each other. We always love a mixture of brand new participants and seasoned CISVers, so beginning camp this way gives us an opportunity to bond before continuing onto the rest of camp as a team.

After names games, we made our placemats for the weekend. We use this as another opportunity get familiar with each other, and then we mix up the placemats every meal time to make sure we all have a chance to talk with different people throughout camp. After completing our placemats we went off to get ready for bed, grab some biscuits and a drink of water for supper, and then gathered back together in the activity hall from our ‘wind down’ time singing a few lullabies together. At 9.30 it was lights out, ready for a big day on Saturday!

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Mexican Cultural Night

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Once every couple of months, between our local minicamps, the Auckland Junior Branch (JB) gets together and hosts a night of cultural food and games. These are planned by the JB Committee, led by our events coordinator Ellie, and always deliver great laughs and a perfect opportunity to catch up with one another.
Saturday night was spent with members of our Junior Branch catching up over a meal. Our nachos dinner was delicious and a true team effort. Churros rolled in cinnamon and sugar before being dipped in dark chocolate was a special ending to a fun night. It was so nice to see some of our favourite faces and catch up on each other’s busy lives.
The next JB Event is set for the weeks following our June minicamp, and will (hopefully) be a lesson in authentic Indian cuisine followed by dancing! We hope to see you there!