My CISV JC experience

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Noah 1

From December 2015 to January 2016, I was a JC at Intiland Village in Lima, Peru. This was the first village in Peru’s CISV history. After a total of 16 hours travelling –by myself for the first time- I arrived in Lima. My homestay showed me around the city as we went to a famous beach in Lima. He gave me a tasting of the culture with the food and also he took me to a fruit market. The homestay was an experience I will never forget as I felt like I got to experience the city as we went everywhere that was interesting and experienced another culture.

Before the children arrived at the camp, I went to the campsite to meet all the leaders, staff and other JC’s and we got to know about each other. From here we set goals that were agreeable by all the leader’s and set the standard for the camp.

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Leïgo Village in Costa Rica

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After four amazing weeks in Costa Rica at a CISV Village, they are back. Mums and dads welcome them home! Check out the video below to see their awesome camp.

My CISV Summer Village Camp Experience – by Francois Murrell

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When I first heard that I was going to a CISV Summer Village camp, I was so excited. This would be my first trip in a plane. It was really cool when we received the first pre-camp email with pictures of where I was going  to stay, lots of information about camp, and the countries that would be there.

A CISV Summer Village camp is a month-long camp for 11 year olds. 12 countries are invited to each camp, and bring a delegation of two boys and two girls, and their leader, usually a young adult from their local CISV chapter. My delegation consisted of myself, Kayla Nash, Oli MacCallum, Acasia O’Connell, and our leader Sophie Presland, a university student. We met up about five times before our departure to get to know each other and prepare our NZ presentation.

On the day I was leaving, I woke feeling nervous but excited at the same time. I left school early and had a rest because my flight was leaving close to midnight. At the airport I met up with my delegation, said goodbye to our families and hopped on the plane. The trip was about 30 hours long, stopping in Shanghai and Zurich. I watched the LEGO MOVIE eight times. The first time flushing a plane toilet gave me a fright!

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