Minicamp Report February 2020

Camp started at 8:02 sharp! This camp we had a focus on the Junior Branch (JB) group (14+ year olds) into running as much of the camp as possible. This started with JBs running introduction name games starting with a game to string along names together to remember each name & another staple camp gameContinue reading “Minicamp Report February 2020”

CISV Movie Night Fundraiser: NOBLE Join us for a wonderful evening: a great movie, a silent auction, and a chance to get together with friends before the movie starts – and also hear a bit about CISV! The New Zealand arm of CISV International is hosting the Asia Pacific Regional Workshop in 2020, and fundsContinue reading

Minicamp – September 2017

September’s minicamp was at Piha Mill Camp. The roads out to Piha get dark early at this time of the year, so the lights of the camp shone out through the darkness as if to welcome people. After the (organised) chaos of registration, we got down to a fantastic camp with a group of amazingContinue reading “Minicamp – September 2017”

Minicamp – June 2017

June’s camp was located at Hunua and focused on activities to develop an understanding of Human Rights, which is the CISV Content Area of 2017. We started us off with Energisers (small actions to wake us up and to get us working enthusiastically together as a united group). Afterwards, we went into some ‘getting toContinue reading “Minicamp – June 2017”