An Unexpected Adventure

  As it was my first time enjoying a CISV minicamp naturally, I was shy. I didn’t expect to fit in straight away, as some of the kids have been lifelong members of CISV. How wrong I was. I was not left out in a single activity and had loads of fun. At the campsContinue reading “An Unexpected Adventure”

Minicamp – September 2015

This camp was themed Superheros, and over the course of the weekend we were able to participate in activities to develop our super skill of Conflict Resolution, which is the CISV Content Area of 2015. We started off with energisers to get us working enthusiastically together as a united group, both new participants and seasonedContinue reading “Minicamp – September 2015”

Minicamp – June 2015

Minicamp started off as always with excitement, name and getting to know you games. We had so many kids this time it was important to play a lot of name games so that everybody could remember each others names. Then we designed our own placemats based on a range of questions like: what kind of superContinue reading “Minicamp – June 2015”

Mexican Cultural Night

Once every couple of months, between our local minicamps, the Auckland Junior Branch (JB) gets together and hosts a night of cultural food and games. These are planned by the JB Committee, led by our events coordinator Ellie, and always deliver great laughs and a perfect opportunity to catch up with one another. Saturday nightContinue reading “Mexican Cultural Night”

Minicamp – February 2015

We started off on Friday night with some name and getting- to- know you games, and then moved into making our place-mats for the next day. At each minicamp we arrange the tables for meals by spreading out named place-mats, so that at each meal we have an opportunity to speak to different people, andContinue reading “Minicamp – February 2015”