Minicamp NZ

Minicamps are local camps that are held two times a year in Auckland. When we say camps, we don’t mean setting up tents and learning to start up a fire like in scout camps! We hire a venue with cabins from Friday evening till Sunday noon. The kids get to spend awesome/educational time with other kids and leaders through spending the entire weekend together. The meals are prepared by our lovely volunteers so the kids can concentrate on having loads of fun! If you are a parent and want to find out what kids get up to, being a kitchen staff is an excellent and fun way to find out what CISV is all about (really; ask any kitchen staff who’s been involved and they will agree!). Each year we focus on one of four themes; Conflict and Resolution, Sustainable Development, Diversity, and Human Rights. The activities at our minicamps are based on the year’s these. Activities throughout the camp can be arts and crafts, open/close simulation, active/running games, drama, communication, and many more. They are all designed with a purpose: to promote peace education, critical thinking, and becoming a global citizen.

Any kids are welcomed from the age of 9. The camps are divided into two subgroups : 9 – 13 , and 14 +. The activities are more in-depth when a participant is in the 14 + group, and there are more leadership roles available. If you (a parent) are thinking of sending your kids to one of our international programmes, we highly recommend you bring your kids to minicamp first so you can find out for sure if they like CISV camps!

If you would like to find out in detail what happens at these camps, and if you would like to attend or have queries regarding minicamp, please send us an email below.

Past minicamp reports

Auckland Minicamps

2023 Schedule

February Minicamp: 17th-19th of February | Hunua
September Minicamp: 15th-17th of September | Hunua

2024 Schedule

February Minicamp: 16th-18th of February | Hunua
If you have queries regarding to Auckland minicamps, send an email to