Earthquake Information

Dear leaders, delegates, parents and other CISVers,

The staff thought that it was important to write to you about the earthquakes that have happened in Christchurch so that you can come to Christchurch feeling informed and reassured.

The first bit of information, and hopefully the most important, is that the camp is still scheduled to go ahead exactly as planned!  The campsite is luckily situated at a fair distance away from the city to the northwest out in rural farmland.  The earthquakes have been mainly coming from two key regions of fault lines, one to the south east of the city, and the other to the southwest.  This means that the effects of the earthquake out at the area where the campsite is located have been minimal and mostly insignificant.  The larger quakes have been felt out there but there has been no damage, injury, or loss of utilities as a result of them. All of the damage that you may have seen in the news has been generally isolated to the central and eastern areas of the city itself, and not the rural areas.  Even now most of the city has gone back to “business as usual” with our primary infrastructure back up and running and only those badly hit areas are the ones that are still facing ongoing repair.

Something reassuring is that our city has been through a lot of quakes in the last year and this has turned it into one of the most well prepared and resilient cities in our country.  Everyone here, including your Christchurch staff, now knows how to react and cope in the event of an earthquake. We are going to be 110% prepared for the very unlikely event of a big quake hitting during any part of the Summer Camp.  We will have plenty of food and water supplies onsite if required and many families and adults ready to come out and help at the campsite in the event we need them too.  Two of our staff live here in Christchurch and can assure you that they personally feel very safe and happy with the location of the campsite, its facilities, and the area the camp is in.

Finally, in the event of a large earthquake we will be completely prepared to look after the children/delegates at the camp for extended periods of time. We may lose communications for a short period of time if local cell towers lose power, but we will have systems in place for getting out digital contact/information to families overseas via the internet as soon as possible, and then phone contact as well where possible.  There will be no need to be concerned about needing to bring them home prematurely post-quake for safety or health reasons, we have extremely high standards of living, water supplies, and healthcare in New Zealand and know exactly how to keep everyone safe and happy in this event.  Our airport has not suffered any damage after any of the quakes, if it does become damaged in the event of another large quake, it is only a short bus ride to a neighboring city with additional airfields, so in the rare event we need to fly delegations home then flights should not be an issue.  The key points here are that if there is another big quake, there will be no need to panic; we are all knowledgeable and prepared to deal with any situation that may crop up, and will keep everyone safe.

We have taken lots of new plans into account in light of the events Christchurch has been through in the last year and the staff team, and the local chapter’s members are all feeling confident that this Summer Camp will be fantastic and enjoyable for all those who attend.

If you have any further questions regarding Christchurch or the earthquakes you can contact Scott one of our Christchurch Staff at – or if you have any queries regarding the Summer Camp itself you can contact our – Bronwyn Presland at