Minicamp – September 2015

Minicamp Sept 2015 (4)

This camp was themed Superheros, and over the course of the weekend we were able to participate in activities to develop our super skill of Conflict Resolution, which is the CISV Content Area of 2015.

We started off with energisers to get us working enthusiastically together as a united group, both new participants and seasoned CISVers, and then went into some name and getting to know you games.
Then we moved onto the designing of our place mats. Every minicamp we make placemats with our names and interesting things about us (such as our favourite food, sport, or what we want to do as a job), so that we can get to know each other during meals times by seeing and talking about each others interests.

Minicamp Sept 2015 (1)This took us to 9pm, so we went off to get some supper, put on our PJs and brush our teeth, and then back to the hall for lullabies and flag together. Every minicamp we sing the CISV song together to start and finish our camp as to remind us what CISV is all about. The short song includes unifying lyrics such as “sow a seed and plant a tree, beneath those branches there may be, all the nations gathered free”.

On Saturday morning we started with breakfast of cereal and toast with spreads, then our dishes and then off to first activity. Saturday morning activities start with something active to launch us into the day. After running around for the first activity, we had morning tea together, and then off to activity two which is based around team work and coperation. Working in teams we had to complete challenges such as flipping a blanket the group is standing on, but without being able to talk or touch the ground. The groups communicated effectually and creatively, and really showed some super skill!
For the second part of the activity we were to dress up a member of our group for a fashion show. We were mainly given news paper to work with, but also stickers and string to help us get creative.

Minicamp Sept 2015 (5)For lunch we had filled rolls, which were delicious! After doing our dishes, we were off back to the hall for activity three which was based around super communication skills.
Sitting in three lines, we whispered instructions to the person in front of us from one end to the next to build two designs with lego which would be identical. Then we sat in a circle with our eyes closed, playing a game of 21 where the team has to count to 21 with each number being said by a different person, without preplanning who will say each number. It was pretty hard but with persistence, a lot of laughter, and a little frustration, both teams got through the challenge to 21 in the end!

After afternoon tea, we gathered for Activity four which was based around conflict resolution. Hidden around the camp site the leaders were dressed as super hero’s. We had to work in our teams to find each of the leaders, and try convince the Super team to unite together by helping them solve their problems with one another . After all the teams had helped the super heros solves their conflicts, we joined together for a full group discussion where the participants could share their thoughts on conflict resolution. It was really interesting hearing the importance of people like peer mediators at school, and the super skills they develop to see both sides to a story and find a solution through things like the power of an apology or a compromise.

For dinner we had yummy lasagna and salad. AMinicamp Sept 2015 (7)fter dinner we met together in the hall for the minicamp favourite event of Saturday night skits! Groups had to incorporate a superhero of their creation into a story of ‘what happened on the way to minicamp’. Given story lines such as getting lost on the way to minicamp, some hilarious skits were preformed to the entire group!

After some supper, we met again for lullabies and flag, and then off to bed before our last day at camp!

On Sunday we had cereal, toast and spaghetti for breakfast, delicious! After doing our dishes for the last time, we went off to organise our things for home, clean our rooms and the shared spaces (dining hall and activity hall). Then we gathered together for our last super activity! Working together we participated in a series of challenges at different stations. Working together, talking and communicating with each other we could learn through trail and error, and have fun doing it.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped out at camp, leaders and kitchen helpers who volunteer their time over the weekend are what make our camps possible. You’re stills and time are so appreciated! Also a big thank you so all the kids who came to participate, You’re enthusiasm and CISV spirit is so much fun. See you all again in February 2016!

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